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Elastic Pants Button Extenders (5-Pack)

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Elastic Pants Button Extenders (5-Pack)

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This is a 5-pack of elastic pants button extenders. These button extenders are specifically made with very strong elastic so that they will not stretch out too much or too easily, which can be a problem with cheaper elastic when used as a pants extender.

These extenders feature 3 button slots so they are adjustable, plus they can stretch approximately another 50% at maximum expansion. If you are looking for a pant extender solution this is a great, versatile product that will work with the majority of your pants to expand the waist size and give you more comfort.

GREAT FOR MATERNITY TOO!  Need a pregnancy pants extender or maternity waist extender?  Give these a try!  They'll enable you to continue to wear your pants for at least your first trimester, and often into your second.  Save money on maternity clothes and continue to wear your favorites in your pre-maternity wardrobe!


NEW: We recently launched a 15-pack of this same elastic pants extender, in a variety of colors (black, white and khaki).  Click here to view the color-variety pack.

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